Gopher Resource

Langer Construction has partnered with Gopher Resource for over 60 years on all of their construction needs. In addition to ongoing plant maintenance such as concrete repair and upgrades for continued compliance with state and federal pollution control regulations, major projects include:

  • New research and development lab.
  • New storage warehouse.
  • New 40,000 square foot modern recycling facility to help meet the needs of the surrounding area.
  • 30,000 square foot, new two-story administration facility to provide a centralized location for employees. The project included new offices, locker and laundry rooms, and a lunchroom/break area with an employee resource center.
  • 40,000 square foot new plastic recycling and water treatment facility.
  • Addition of a 15,000 square foot material storage area.
  • Loading dock reconfiguration.
  • New 234-unit, 30,000 square foot mini-storage facility.
  • 4 million gallon lined storm water pond along with a new scale truck house/office building, 18-truck staging area, and improved site infrastructure.
  • Addition to Wisconsin plant.
  • New battery crushing plant in Tampa, Florida.

*photo by Bordner Aerials

“We’ve done business with Langer Construction for 60 years…their quality and meeting of deadlines are really something to be proud of…their workmanship and quality are second to none. I am especially impressed with the people that work for Langer Construction. They come to work joyful, smiling and with a team oriented attitude. I highly recommend Langer Construction.”

Mr. Irving Kutoff, Founder

Project Details

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